November 4, 2014

HR Manager

Location: Kuwait

Job Description

Role Objective:

Provide guidance and manages the overall provision of Human Resource services, policies, and programs, all aspects of employee relations and development, staffing and recruitment, organizational development, performance management, training, compensation and benefits and employee counseling services.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Provide inputs into the development and allocation of the annual budget for HR department based on approved upon departmental activities; solicit advice from the Director – HR for the purposes of the departmental budget.
  2. Provide inputs to develop relevant policies and procedures pertaining to the HR department; ensure compliance to departmental policies and procedures by all department staff.
  3. Develop all HR policies and procedures that are delivered to support Alshamel’s business strategy and ensure synergy with related company policies and procedures.
  4. Maintain, revisit and update the organization and grading structure when necessary in line with direction received from Director – HR, CEO and Board of Directors to support the organization strategy.
  5. Assist Director – HR to develop standards and policies for performance management and employee reward schemes (e.g. salaries, incentives, reward schemes, and employee benefits).
  6. Monitor employment market trends, staff availability, skills shortages, pay rates and competitor packages in order to adapt existing HR policies, procedures and practices; initiate studies as necessary.
  7. Implement pay increases and promotions. Compute the variances in line with organization policies, procedures and annual performance.
  8. Administer payroll and ensure that it is completed accurately and timelines are met.
  9. Establish effective recruitment and selection systems and standards and oversee management of recruitment programs; participate in interviewing and short-listing candidates as necessitated.
  10. Develop manpower requirements for each fiscal year as well as perform forecasts on future requirements through consulting with senior management; ensure that all recruitment activities are sufficiently performed in order to fulfill the manpower requirements
  11. Conduct training needs analysis and develop training plan with inputs from business heads while managing costs to budget. Assist Director – HR to oversee the training and development programs ensuring their support to Alshamel objectives; periodically monitor training program delivery to ensure that company standards are adhered to.
  12. Assist Director – HR in maintaining transparent succession and career development plans for all department heads in consultation with Alshamel executive management and assist Director – HR in developing standards and policies for performance management, promotions, transfers and employee reward schemes (e.g. salaries, incentives, reward schemes, and employee benefits).
  13. Ensure development of processes whereby HR personnel can update the payroll database with accurate information, including pay schemes and fixed benefits for employees, and to update the same with any deductions or employee earnings.
  14. Ensure regular and accurate updating of the Leave Management System with attendance, overtime and employee leave information. Review resource planning for maternity re-joiners and ensure compliance with HR policies.
  15. Liaises with Internal Auditors and responds to their queries, ensure that all observations are rectified within the given time frame. Monitor employee complaints, grievances are addressed in a timely manner and in accordance with company policy and local labor law.
  16. Ensure that exit interviews are conducted for leaving staff and that the necessary leaving formalities are completed in an accurate and timely manner.
  17. Coordinate with outsourced HR Management Consultants in carrying out any engagements across the organization or participating in industry surveys.
  18. Assist Director – HR in negotiating contracts for vendors for HR services such as recruitment agencies and training institutes and ensure Alshamel is being offered qualitative and cost effective services.
  19. Co-ordinate recruitment throughout the company and build relationships with recruiters, draft briefs, set up interviews where necessary.
  20. Generate various analytical reports and ensure corrective actions are implemented in line with directives given by the management.
  21. Assist management in any other tasks as required by business.
  22. Guide the team in executing their respective responsibilities towards the achievement of the departments’ goals and objectives as well as those of Alshamel.
  23. Establish the performance plans for direct subordinates; guide team members in establishing performance plans for their respective subordinates.
  24. Participate in the identification of training and development initiatives for subordinates within the department.
  25. Coach and mentor junior employees on an ongoing basis through providing inputs on their job and timely feedback.


Education & Qualifications:

  1. Bachelor Degree or equivalent.


  1.  7- 10 years’ experience.
  2. Minimum of 2 years of experience in similar role in Travel industry as well as knowledge of applicable labor laws and government regulations.


  1. Excellent communication skills.
  2. Spoken Arabic and English fluently.
  3. Self-motivated, proactive, presentable with excellent interpersonal skills.
  4. Ability to meet deadlines.

To apply for this post, please send us your CV and a cover letter to with the vacancy in the subject.


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