May 7, 2015


Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Job Description

Role Objective:
To manage the posting and handling of daily financial transactions to the general ledger and check and control general ledger transactions. To support the Chief Accountant in controlling receipt and payment of cash.

 Key Responsibilities:

1. Executes general ledger reconciliation, production of financial reports, and management of general accounting activities in accordance with the Alshamel’s policies and procedures and Accounting standards
2. Notifies Chief Accountant in writing off delinquent items that have been outstanding for an excessive period of time.
3. Monitors overall accounting of balance sheet and income statement
4. Responsible for maintaining integrity of general ledger and charter of accounts
5. Prepare and maintains journals, ledgers, closings, status reports, and other periodic reports in accordance with the Alshamel’s policies and procedures
6. Ensures source documents are present which support the recording of transactions in the general ledger. The documents may be in the form of purchase orders, invoices, receiving reports, travel orders, and/or employee advances
7. Maintains adequate audit trails to permit tracking a transaction from beginning to completion. This will allow for the detection and systematic correction of errors that arise
8. Ensures a method of double entry accounting for recording transactions in the general ledger
9. Ensures reconciliation will be performed monthly, quarterly, and at year-end closing; i.e., adjusting, closing and reversing entries will be recorded
10. Receives accounting transaction adjustments, takes approval from Chief Accountant and posts the accounting entries to the general ledger
11. Ensures that all relevant accounts information is presented in an accurate and timely manner.
12. Responsible for all monthly general ledger procedures including journal entry preparation, discrepancy resolution, account analysis, and reconciliation through financial statements
13. Maintains general ledger to trial balance, prepares/posts all standard, recurring and standing journals
14. Uses a journal entry form any time correction is needed between accounts or transferring money between accounts

Education & Qualifications:
1. High School or Diploma or equivalent preferably in Finance
2. Bachelor’s degree is preferred
1. 4-7 years of overall experience
2. Minimum of 2 years of experience in similar role

1. Self-motivated, good articulation, proactive, presentable, a team player with excellent interpersonal skills
To apply for this post, please send us your CV and a cover letter to with the vacancy in the subject

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