Board Members

Our directors have been handpicked, selected for their business acumen and industry experience as we look forward to continued growth across the region. They set Alshamel Travel’s strategic objectives while also controlling its risk appetite and corporate governance framework. Board members make an active contribution to our organization, taking on responsibility related to the company’s financial soundness while safeguarding the interest of shareholders, depositors and other stakeholders. The members’ focus is always on risk management and governance, seeking to enhance internal control systems while overseeing internal & external audits to ensure compliance. The board comprises of five members with varied backgrounds and experience. The board is responsible for:

  • Building and growing the value of the company in a sustainable manner by managing the business with an eye on its strategic objectives and creating policies to achieve these objectives
  • Setting the company’s policies for risk
  • Approving Alshamel Travel’s overall strategic direction within its framework of rewards, incentives and controls
  • Ensuring the appropriate balance between meeting short-term objectives and promoting long-term growth is maintained by Alshamel Travel’s senior executive team
  • Establishing and maintaining rigorous corporate governance standards with respect to board practices, risk management, internal controls, executive management functioning, remuneration, organizational structure, and disclosures & transparency
  • Ascertaining that Alshamel Travel’s management keeps in place a system of internal controls to ensure effective and efficient operations, fiscal responsibility, and compliance with all laws and regulations
  • Demonstrating ethical leadership while promoting the collective vision of Alshamel Travel’s purpose, corporate values, culture and behaviour. Directors are expected to always act in a manner that, in good faith, would promote the success of the company for the benefit of all the shareholders
  • Protecting stakeholders’ rights, and overseeing the implementation of key policies and procedures to ensure such protection is adhered to by Alshamel Travel

Our Board Members

  • Mr. Abdulmohsen S. S. Altukhaim – Chairman
  • Mr. Mansour Salem Alnassar – Vice Chairman
  • Mr. Meshari Fahad Alrezaihan – Board Member
  • Mr. Saud Mohammed Alarifi – Board Member
  • Mr. Abdullah Saleh Alsyefi – Board Member

The Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is formed of 3 members of elected by the Board of Directors for a period of one year and is responsible for reviewing the financial statements, accounting process and procedures of the parent company and its subsidiaries. It is also responsible for reviewing the effectiveness of internal audit and risk management systems and is responsible for appointing the external auditors.

The Executive Committee

The Executive committee consists of at least 3 members of the board of directors. The Executive committee is responsible for the implementation of the company’s financial, administrative and audit policies and follow up on the company’s long, medium and short term strategic plans and updating and revising it from time to time.