Our Values

‘Total Customer Satisfaction’ is the motto that Alshamel Travel uses to gauge every single thing we do. Meeting that promise is not always a simple task, but we pride ourselves in bringing the same innovative and caring approach to each customer, from individuals to large multinational corporations and government institutions. It allows us to deliver superior value while meeting your unique needs.

With our global reach, state-of-the-art technology and established customer care programs, Alshamel Travel is able to offer flexible, cost-effective options and quality service at every turn. Local knowledge, coupled with our global partnerships and experience, enables us to understand and manage the rapid changes in the global travel industry, as well as the individual marketplaces that make up our region. Combined, that knowledge provides us with a competitive edge that is second to none.

Alshamel Travel is proud not only of what we offer in terms of our comprehensive portfolio of travel services across the Middle East, but also how we offer it. We bring our services and expertise to the market in a manner that reflects our exclusive style and mission.

Our Mission

“Through our offices, industry knowledge and experienced personnel, we are committed to providing clients with travel management services and solutions that will ensure a minimum client satisfaction rating of 90 percent.”

Our Vision

“We aim to be the travel management partner of choice for the business and leisure traveler in the Middle East and the employer of choice in the travel management industry.”

Key Company Values